Free Kitchen Designer

The Free Kitchen Designer

A Virtual Design Software to assist with the purchase process of countertops.

The Virtual Kitchen designer is designed to help you to visualize your color palette for your kitchen project. Compare stone countertops with wall and cabinet colors as well as backsplash and edge selection.

For the home owner:

Use the ktichen designer to make some of those critical color selections in your project planning process. Use the save feature to access your design later.

For the stone shop:

Use the Free kitchen designer on your website and in your showroom to help the customer make those all important design decisions on your website or in your showroom. Integration script is below.

The Free Virtual Kitchen Designer is Flash Based. Flash is being supported by less and less devices and browsers but does provide a rich user experience. The Free Version is supported by the advertising placed on the designer. Thank you and Enjoy!

Upgrades area available! Starting $20/Month

Features: Customizable color selection | Cabinet color screens | Backsplash | Wall colors | Integrated quote solution, Selection details
Benefits: Extremly fast and user friendly| Works on all devices that are html5 compliant
New! Customer may upload a photo of the kitchen and overlay countertop material options! Truely Interactive!

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The kitchen designer helps you visualize your kitchen project before you make some of those critical descisions. This tool also can save you a lot of time in the stone selection process. You are looking at what you think is the perfect stone for you home but then you realize that this color does not match the cabinets being installed correctly. How else would you be able to see this. It helps when you can visualize the kitchens with all the colors. You can do this quickly and easily with the Free Kitchen Designer

Don't see the color that you want?

Most fabricators will list readily available stones but they are typically capable of sourcing a vast selection of stones. Stones can even be imported to meet your needs if you have planned far enough ahead. Choose from over 1000 stones in our granite color search

Instant Countertop Estimator

Once you have a good idea of the stone that you want why not get an instant estimate. This is a no obligation estimate that can help you to calculate the square footage of your kitchen as well as connect you to local professional that can review the instant estimate and provide you with more direction on your project.

Free Kitchen Designer

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